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The ancient Kingdom of Gwynedd – today known by  the much less glamorous sounding title the Local Government Area of Gwynedd – is that dramatically beautiful part of Wales that includes Snowdonia and its mountains and which has all those brooding 13th century castles along the coast, built by Edward I to guard his new Welsh possessions, formerly known as the ancient Kingdom of Gwynedd. I can see why he wanted them. And why others might have coveted them as well.  It is beautiful up there – wild and dramatic and with a climate to match. My first time up there was on a bicycle, when I rode from Chepstow over two mountain ranges to Caernarfon and from there on up to Anglesey, crossing the Menai Straits on Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge – the world’s first, built in 1826.

Caernarfon and the wild mountains and forests of Snowdonia were my favourite parts of northern Wales. I have returned there numerous times chasing the light and looking for views and scenes and images. Pretty scenes and brooding mediaeval castles are not at all hard to find up there. Here is a gallery of images from these trips to Wales, one that I hope will continue to grow over the coming years.


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