Solitude elegant park bench on Sydney Observatory Hill at sunsetI love the sense of evening solitude and thoughtful contemplation that is implied by this rather elegant park bench and the heavy limbed tree whose branches and leaves that seems to envelop it. Sydney and I go way back – I went to university here more than 35 years ago and had my first real job here as well, covering the mining industry for the Sydney Morning Herald back in the rambunctious 1980s. It is a city that holds lots of memories for me and and a city that has undergone enormous change since I lived here in my early 20s. As have I.

Nowadays whenever I come back to the city I like to wander up Observatory Hill, which lies just above the old quarter of town known as The Rocks and take in the unusual perspective of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which hasn’t really changed since my time, and the startlingly glitzy skyline of the city’s north shore which has grown enormously. I used to amuse myself by picking out and adding up all the shimmering new skyscrapers that have sprouted in Sydney since my time but I have given that up now – there are just too many to keep track of. But the old bench is still inviting as ever.


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